Best cat tree for kittens

78 inches tall | Modern design | fur, press board | Scratching post, cubby, rope toy, rope ladder

Young, spry kittens have a lot of energy and may benefit from cat trees that challenge them in different ways by requiring them to perform a variety of maneuvers. “There are various trees that are almost connected by extremes,” says Dr. Evans. “They have to walk across ladders and do big acrobatic things to get around. So as much as you can encourage the chaos for these kittens, the better for them.” This Armarkat tree, which is approved by cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy (of My Cat From Hell fame), is equipped with an assortment of obstacles; kittens can bat at the hanging toys, scamper up the rope ladder, balance in the hammock, or undertake a big flying leap to reach the farthest perch. The Armarkat brand is championed by Benjamin, who likes it for its “modern and streamlined look.”